On-Demand Webinar: Creating the Connected Enterprise 

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Creating a connected enterprise is a challenge business leaders have attempted to overcome for years.
In this 1-hour webinar, start seeing your business in a new light as CSCMP and LeanCor discuss how today’s companies are advancing supply chain performance to create the connected enterprise and discover hidden profit.
You will:
• Understand how to view your business from a horizontal perspective
• Use the Ten Rights to drive leadership dialogue and improvement activities based on supply chain-centric decision making
• Learn the operating principles and management methods to connect the core processes of business strategy, product life-cycle management, sales and marketing, and supply chain operations (the engine of business performance)

Join CSCMP and LeanCor in this discussion on the next frontier of business improvement!

  • Rick Blasgen, President of the CSCMP
  • Robert Martichenko, CEO of LeanCor Supply Chain Group

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