The LeanCor Network is a strategic collective of independent consultants and service providers that optimize earning power by sharing assets to form winning collaborations.

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Stronger Together

Our goal is to grow a world-class network that can collectively tackle any customer project within the scope of lean thinking, supply chain management and business excellence.

We do this by connecting and leveraging the skills and experience of independent consultants with our products, services, and infrastructure to deliver client results in an efficient and expert manner.

The LeanCor Network creates win-win-win relationships among members, LeanCor, and the clients we serve.

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Upcoming Webinar: LeanCor and Competitive Insights - "Were You Ready for the Tariffs?

1-Hour Webinar | February 26th, 2020 | 11:00 – 12:00 PM EST

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How did companies deal with the recent tariff increases? A recent Reuters article highlights the results of a global survey done by DHL. Two hundred and sixty seven (267) companies were asked what actions they were taking to offset the financial impact of tariffs. Over one-third responded “Nothing.”

When these events happen, many supply chains are under-prepared and at the mercy of the market.

In this webinar from Competitive Insights and LeanCor, learn what proactive and sustainable strategies companies are using that position them to thrive in this trade war environment.

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Relationship Scenarios

To facilitate this win-win-win, network members share the revenue of each client engagement in which they are involved. This can form several scenarios. For example, a network member may simply refer business to LeanCor, or they may prefer to serve as the account executive, lead consultant, or a combination thereof. These roles may vary project to project.




Who do you know? Uncover a business opportunity, refer it to LeanCor, and be compensated by a mutually-determined sales commission.

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Account Executive

Prefer to stay close to your clients? Own the client relationship from closing the sale to executing the work alongside the LeanCor team. Watch the relationship and opportunities grow. 


Project Resource 

Are you a subject-matter expert? Join our speed dial of go-to contractors ready to support consulting projects.




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