"Where are we vulnerable?"

"Our supply chain wasn't prepared for this crisis."

"What will stop us from scaling up or managing down in the event we have changes in demand or other supply chain dynamics?"

LeanCor's supply chain risk assessment analyzes your end-to-end supply chain and provides actionable recommendations to reduce risk and gain flexibility through visibility, capability, and resilience. 


What is your ability to see and react to what is happening?

It's imperative to be able to flex up or down with changes in demand and other supply chain dynamics.

In the supply chain risk assessment, our team first analyzes your maturity level across people, processes, technology, and partners with a proprietary self-assessment. After we understand your current state, we provide you with a road-map style vision to achieve your desired future state with clear recommendations that reduce aspects of end-to-end supply chain risk and drive flexibility.

Upon agreement from all stakeholders, we'll help you manage the execution of this vision with LeanCor on-site resources or a third-party provider.

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Supply chain risk comes in many forms. Now more than ever, it's critical for organizations to identify and reduce these risk factors, while maturing their ability to react to changing dynamics. This flexibility requires visibility, capability and resilience.
Where does your organization fall on the supply chain risk and flexibility maturity model? We invite you to find out by taking our brief survey in partnership with the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME). 
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We presented the benchmark results in our recent webinar, "Assessing and Reducing Your Supply Chain Risk", with AME. Watch on demand now!


Flexibility = F (Visibility, Capability, Resilience)


Why We're Different...


We gather and understand voice of customer to maintain strategic alignment and deliver strategic opportunities that will drive results.



Our recommendations come from experienced supply chain operators within our integrated divisions designed to teach, consult, and execute the lean supply chain. 


Rooted in lean principles and advanced supply chain problem solving, our methodology has been validated to deliver recommendations in excess of 10 times the typical investment.

Quick Wins

We execute immediate improvement strategies to create short-term stability.


"No Great Unveilings"

We practice disciplined, collaborative, and formal tollgate management to ensure client ownership of report-outs.



From project kick-off to final delivery of assessment findings, LeanCor is relentlessly focused on identifying and delivering results.

“I have used LeanCor at multiple companies and not only have they added immense value but the 'time to value' is very short. They make immediate improvements.”