"We have too much inventory."

"We experience frequent stock outs."

"Our material planners are told: don't carry too much inventory -- but don't run out either!"

A Plan For Every Part (PFEP) is a material flow plan that includes specific data on every part number coming from suppliers and every finished-good SKU going to customers. It contains all the information necessary to make informed decisions about transportation, packaging, inventory, placement, ordering quantities, and handling. It is essentially the DNA of all material that moves through a manufacturing plant, and it stimulates an environment where all team members perform at a higher level.

LeanCor's PFEP solutions implement pull systems where material replenishment is triggered by consumption of material at line side.


Implementing a Plan For Every Part (PFEP)

Too many SKUs, scattered replenishment processes, and broken S&OP are some primary causes of mis-managed inventory. When implementing PFEP solutions, we first assess your current state while incorporating your vision, strategy, and operational requirements. Together, we work backward from the production line to supplier ordering to collect PFEP data. We catalog SKUs and identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve ergonomics through SKU optimization.

We then determine custom strategies for each part, such as:

  • Finished goods inventory and fulfillment strategies
  • Material quantity at the line and presentation
  • Material replenishment and conveyance
  • Raw material ordering and storage strategies
  • Warehouse design
  • Supplier sourcing and inbound logistics

PFEP Vision: Picture Your Future State

We provide you with a road-map style vision to close the gap between your current state and desired future state with clear recommendations for implementation.

Upon agreement from all stakeholders, we'll help you manage the execution of this vision with LeanCor on-site resources or a third-party provider.



We lead, support, and audit the execution of your PFEP.

We work collaboratively with you to understand your business needs and customize your strategy and targets vs. pushing “off-the-shelf” solutions. LeanCor clients benefit from a web-based PFEP utility to efficiently sustain information. This utility is used by a variety of transportation (3PL) clients daily. You can be confident your team will realize real ROI with a future state road map to implement the solutions. 


PFEP Online Training

New to PFEP? Get started with our 1-hour online training course on demand.

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PFEP Online Training

New to PFEP? Get started with our 1-hour online training course on demand.

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Why We're Different...


We gather and understand voice of customer to maintain strategic alignment and deliver strategic opportunities that will drive results.



Our recommendations come from experienced supply chain operators within our integrated divisions designed to teach, consult, and execute the lean supply chain. 


Rooted in lean principles and advanced supply chain problem solving, our methodology has been validated to deliver recommendations in excess of 10 times the typical investment.

Quick Wins

We execute immediate improvement strategies to create short-term stability.


"No Great Unveilings"

We practice disciplined, collaborative, and formal tollgate management to ensure client ownership of report-outs.



From project kick-off to final delivery of assessment findings, LeanCor is relentlessly focused on identifying and delivering results.

Simply by right-sizing line-side inventory levels, we freed up 160 square feet of floor space and reduced shop floor inventory by 54 percent!