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The Lean Implementation Road Map: How to Build a Business System for Continuous Improvement


Lean Business System.jpgTo be a lean thinker is to recognize that building cultures of continuous improvement requires a holistic business system to support the vision. This business system should leverage all lessons learned relative to operational excellence and strategic next steps to realize operational and performance goals.

In this webinar, we will explore a lean implementation road map and framework that can guide your organization through a structured and successful lean implementation.

Four critical strategic areas will be discussed:

  1. Cultural Alignment - The business improvement system connects to the vision and values of the organization and drives transparency, commitment and improved decision making based on value to the customer.
  2. Leadership Participation - Leadership is committed to behaviors based on participation, collaboration and actions driven by agreed upon targets, objectives and operating principles.
  3. People Development - The organization is committed to the development of people and leadership ensures that opportunities are identified and realized by the people that do the work.
  4. Process Management - The organization understands that the customer feels the impact of the overall performance of all processes across the extended value stream.
Who is this for?
This webinar content is best suited for corporate leadership roles - from the C-suite to manager level.
  • Robert Martichenko, CEO of LeanCor Supply Chain Group

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