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Should We Outsource Our Warehouse? Yes or No?


"We are running out of space."
"We can't fulfill orders fast enough."
"We're not ready to take on additional volume."
“We need to focus on our core competency -- not fulfillment.”

If your company is experiencing these constraints, you’re not alone. The market size of the public storage and warehousing industry is expected to increase 3.7% in 2019. Knowing how to effectively utilize your existing space (or open a new one) to satisfy business requirements is key in today's fiercely competitive market.

Which begs the question: “Should we outsource our warehouse – yes or no?”

In this free webinar, join Mark Richards from Associated Warehouses Inc. (AWI) and Derek Browning from LeanCor Supply Chain Group as we explore how today’s companies can approach the decision to outsource or insource their warehouse operations. We will cover:

• How to assess your warehouse: key red flags to watch out for in material flow, processes, technology, and management systems
• How to leverage strategy and operational principles to reach your target condition
• Outsourcing vs. insourcing: What are the pros and cons?
• Yes: The RFP - What are the steps to successfully outsource with the "right" provider?
• No: Where do we go from here?

Mark Richards - President, Associated Warehouses, Inc. | Outsourcing Coach
Derek Browning-webinars 
Derek Browning - Director of Consulting Services, LeanCor Supply Chain Group