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LETM Webinar May 2018 for GotoWebinar

Maturing Your Transportation to Beat the Carrier Capacity Crunch


"We are experiencing a market with low truck supply and high freight demand. Spot rates were on the rise for much of 2017 and could continue to do so throughout 2018" (Forbes).

For companies without mature transportation processes, the current market can be chaotic and high risk. 

This live, 1-hour webinar will provide practical tips on maturing your transportation management processes in order to advance performance and reduce cost despite the current capacity crunch. 

In addition, we'll present the results of our recent Transportation Management Maturity Benchmark Assessment, exploring the areas of: 

-Network Optimization and Routing 
-Carrier Management 
-Network Operations 
-People and Strategy 

Who is this for?
This webinar content is best suited for corporate leadership roles - from the C-suite to manager level - specifically those overseeing transportation, logistics, and supply chain functions.

  • Robert Martichenko, CEO of LeanCor Supply Chain Group
  • Ashley Yentz, Director of Account Management for LeanCor Supply Chain Group

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