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How to Achieve the Perfect Order


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The Perfect Order is described as achieving the “10 Rights” for your customers: 
1. right product 
2. right place 
3. right quantity 
4. right quality 
5. right time 
6. right sources 
7. right prices 
8. right total cost 
9. right services 
10. right complexity 

But since not all customers are the same, how can an organization consistently meet both its customers’ needs and its own desired gross margins? In this webinar, learn how organizational leaders can align to achieve a perfect order index (

  • POI) through a manageable process that meets both customer service and financial objectives. 
We will cover: 
  • Key steps to creating a modern POI that incorporates performance factors that are important to the customer as well as financial factors that are important to the company 
  • How to establish leadership alignment inside an organization relative to these factors 
  • How focusing on the perfect order allows leadership to make decisions horizontally across value streams, recognizing intended and unintended consequences of decisions 
Who is this for?
This webinar content is best suited for corporate leadership roles - from the C-suite to manager level.

  • Robert Martichenko - CEO, LeanCor Supply Chain Group

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