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Decision Making Webinar June 2018 2

Decision Making for Business Leaders


As business leaders, there comes a point in the progression of our careers where our value is inherent in our ability to make effective decisions. Yet, the irony is that few leaders have had any formal training or education in this area.

Consequently, leaders often make decisions based on values and biases developed through personal experience in the form of successes and failures. This means decisions made by senior leaders can vary based on the individual – vs senior leaders having a unified approach based on an extended value stream perspective.

Join Robert Martichenko in this 1-hour webinar as he discusses the evolution of leadership-level decision making in today’s disruptive business environment. Robert will highlight how changes in your decision making strategy can benefit your business from an end-to-end perspective, and how to stay current and profitable as you continue to navigate uncharted waters.

Who is this webinar for?
This webinar content is best suited for corporate leadership roles – from the C-suite to manager level – specifically those overseeing transportation, logistics, and supply chain functions.

  • Robert Martichenko, CEO of LeanCor Supply Chain Group

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