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Are You Prepared for a Supply Chain Crisis?

Minimizing the negative financial consequences of supply chain disruptions like tariff increases and the Covid–19 Virus

ORIGINALLY AIRED: FRI, MAR 13, 2020 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT

First the trade war with China, now the spread of coronavirus. Some companies are facing a new reality: their supply chains in China are becoming increasingly unstable.

When events like these happen – regardless of where – supply chains can be under-prepared and at the mercy of the market.

In this webinar from Competitive Insights and LeanCor, learn what proactive and sustainable strategies companies are using that position them to thrive in this disruptive environment.

We will discuss:

  • REFLECTION: What are the good and bad actions that we've seen companies take since the tariff and coronavirus disruptions?
  • VISIBILITY: Why is it important to know the specific costs and profits associated with each of your customers and products?
  • INFORMED DECISIONS: "One size does not fit all." What is the problem with generalized decisions in handling supply chain disruptions?
  • LESSONS LEARNED: How can companies mitigate the financial impact of future supply chain disruptions?
Richard Sharpe - CEO, Competitive Insights
Derek Browning-webinars 
Derek Browning - Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions, LeanCor Supply Chain Group