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A White Paper by Renee Smith (A Human Workplace) and Robert Martichenko (LeanCor Supply Chain Group)

Our care for people isn’t at odds with our business pursuits or our public responsibilities. It is compatible with, even essential to, those goals.

The purpose of this white paper is to identify the importance of making work more meaningful and to clarify what it means to actually do that. 

We have learned that people respond with hope and excitement when they realize that a more humane and meaningful workplace is possible. And when they actually experience such work, when work is made more human, they truly step forward, engage, and contribute in inspiring and crucial ways necessary for enterprise success. They query, test, learn, and improve. They collaborate, plan, build, and innovate. They solve, and they serve. Meaningful work creates the conditions for people to give and do their very best.

Considering all this, our objective as authors is to understand and offer an approach to creating meaningful workplaces that restore soul, humanity, and even love to the workplace. A lofty goal perhaps, but our goal nonetheless, and one that is critically important today.

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