"How many warehouses/DCs should we have and where?"

"Should we consider re-shoring?"

"What are the best distribution channels that make sense for my business?"

Outdated and complex distribution network structures have contributed to over-sized inventory levels, unnecessary costs, a strain on service, and overly complex inventory deployment.

Where to locate and how to leverage your assets across the supply chain network are major decisions that depend on many variables. Strategically toggling these variables is where we come in.

LeanCor's network design and deployment provide a current state assessment and future state vision of your network that maximizes customer service at the lowest total cost.

Future State Network

Where are your "walls" and "wheels?"

In a network design engagement, we assess your current state while incorporating your vision, strategy, and business requirements.

We then provide:

  • Vendor, plant, warehouse/DC and customer profiles
  • Analysis and strategy development: transportation, distribution, and inventory
  • Customer demand and service coverage maps
  • Total cost models 
  • Savings opportunities
  • Alternative, future-state scenarios
  • Mode breakdown charts
  • Future state road maps (to-do lists)

...and more.



The right inventory, in the right locations, with the right transportation modes.

Using data-driven decision making processes and advanced technology, we align your network and cost models with lead time and service level expectations. We select an optimal design that improves inventory positioning and the overall supply chain footprint.

Our methodology is rooted in disciplined project management, collaboration, and frequent milestones reviews that ensure understanding of your expectations, quality data inputs, and transparency of progress and findings.



Network Vision: Picture Your Future State

After the current state analysis, we provide you with a road-map style / visual display of critical network characteristics. 

Upon agreement from all stakeholders, we'll help you manage the execution of this vision with LeanCor on-site resources or third party providers.



Throughout the duration of our engagements, we cultivate data-driven decision making that is highly tactical and analytical.

Network Design Case Studies

Success stories with our clients

Network Assessment - Inbound Material Flow

Network Assessment - Inbound Material Flow (Healthcare)

hospital equipment manufacturer had experienced significant growth through organic means as well as through the acquisition of similar organizations in the same industry. The customer partnered with LeanCor Consulting to analyze the current state of inbound material flow and inventory management for one of Midwest facilities in order uncover opportunities for waste reduction and efficiency throughout its manufacturing and distribution network.

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Network Design - Consumer Products (1)

Network Design (Consumer Products)

Due to multiple acquisitions, the customer’s distribution network was overlapping and the number of distribution centers had grown to 64 locations. The more warehouses within the network meant more inventory in the total system, more fixed cost, and less opportunity to consolidate inbound and outbound warehouse shipments. Even though several regional optimizations had been performed, it was evident that costs needed to be reduced and inventory availability needed increased through a full
 network analysis and implementation.

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Returns Network Design - Automotive

Returns Network Design (Automotive)

In its current state, an automotive parts client shipped all used cores from its service centers back to re-manufacturing suppliers via an expensive and lengthy less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation mode. After observing its legacy distribution network over several years, the client believed an opportunity existed to utilize unused capacity in the returning delivery trailers to pickup and return these cores to their local distribution centers, where they could then be consolidated and shipped back upstream at a reduced cost with less lead time.

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Solution Packages - Levels of Engagement

We've learned that every client is at a different place on the maturity scale with network design. Wherever your organization may be, our strategic engagement model allows us to customize an approach to fit your unique needs.


  • Multiple site visits
  • 4-8 future state scenarios
  • Multi-functional road map

8-12 Weeks

Inventory + Facility + Transportation


  • Single site visit
  • 2-3 future state scenarios
  • Logistics road map

6-8 Weeks

Facility + Transportation


  • 1-2 future state scenarios
  • Strategic/tactical recommendations list


4-6 Weeks


Why We're Different...


We gather and understand voice of customer to maintain strategic alignment and deliver strategic opportunities that will drive results.



Our recommendations come from experienced supply chain operators within our integrated divisions designed to teach, consult, and execute the lean supply chain. 


Rooted in lean principles and advanced supply chain problem solving, our methodology has been validated to deliver recommendations in excess of 10 times the typical investment.

Quick Wins

We execute immediate improvement strategies to create short-term stability.


"No Great Unveilings"

We practice disciplined, collaborative, and formal tollgate management to ensure client ownership of report-outs.



From project kick-off to final delivery of assessment findings, LeanCor is relentlessly focused on identifying and delivering results.

LeanCor's supply chain principles are fully aligned with ours as a company, focusing on delivering value to customers while eliminating waste.