End-to-End Supply Chain Consulting: Grow and Operate Profitably

Today’s rapidly changing world of business complexity and disruption requires new vision, strategy, and innovation to grow and operate profitably. Global organizations partner with LeanCor Consulting to get ahead of the curve by advancing their end-to-end supply chain performance and enabling functions.

From diagnosing the opportunity to deploying the solution, our supply chain consultants get the job done so you can move forward. Our engagements and road maps have helped clients reduce lead time by up to 50%, while improving customer fill rates and in-stock percentages by 30%. Assessments commonly produce recommendations in excess of 10 times the typical investment.

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The Cultural Impact of our Supply Chain Consulting Projects

A large part of what makes LeanCor's consulting approach so successful is the cultural change that occurs within an organization. Ineffective, traditional leadership models are replaced with meaningful, people-centered ones; mental paradigms are shifted to new ways of thinking. To achieve this, we work alongside people—from the facility floor to the C-Suite. The LeanCor team provides planning, training, coaching, and reflection every step of the way. We provide you with:

  • A new and fresh perspective
  • Insights, tools, and hands-on support
  • Step-by-step future-state road maps for practical implementation and sustained, measured results
  • Tools and processes to equip your team for change and growth


Implementation Road Maps: A Standard Deliverable in All Supply Chain Consulting

We provide you with a road-map style vision to close the gap between your current state and desired future state with clear recommendations for implementation. Upon agreement from all stakeholders, we'll help you manage the execution of this vision with LeanCor on-site resources or a third-party provider.


Diagnose.  Assess.  Design.  Deploy.

Whether it's for one business process, a functional area, or the end-to-end supply chain, our solutions can be tailored to fit your unique business needs.


Process Improvement:

Lean Principle and Tool Implementation
Standard Work | 5S | Flow | Quality at the Source | Visual Management | Kaizen Events



End-to-End Supply Chain Improvement:

End-To-End and Functional Assessments | Bench-Marking | Process and Data Flow Design | Software Selection | Team Effectiveness |  Operational Playbook Creation | RFP Facilitation | Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) | Business Process Connections | Organizational Transformation


Functional Improvement:

Our experienced team of consultants dive into these areas of your business to break down silos and uncover opportunities to increase performance while reducing cost.


Logistics Network

Logistics & Supply Chain Network Optimization

Full Network Design, Relocation and Setup Management, Expansion and Consolidation


Inventory Planning (Materials, Production, Demand)

Inventory Strategy, Forecast Logic, Production Leveling, SKU Analysis – Pull Systems


Customer Service

Customer Strategy – Stratification, Order Flow Optimization

Shipping Dock

Supplier Performance

Fill Rate Improvement, Inbound Lead Time Reduction, Packaging Improvement



Supplier Strategy – Stratification, Total Landed Cost Modeling



Carrier Selection and Procurement, 3PL Selection and Improvement, Transportation Network Design, Rate Bench-Marking (Ask about LeanCor's managed transportation solutions!)



Design / Detailed Design / Integration, Process Flow and Productivity, Inventory Controls, 3PL Selection and Improvement



Plan For Every Part (PFEP), One-Piece Flow, Productivity and Capacity, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)



Culture Assessment, Behavior-Based Safety Implementation



Plan For Every Part Implementation

New to PFEP? Get an introduction with our 1-hour online training course on demand.

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Plan For Every Part Implementation

New to PFEP? Get an introduction with our 1-hour online training course on demand.

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"We were able to develop a implementation plan on packaging that should lead to increased customer satisfaction, reduced freight damage, significantly less variation in the number of packaging configuration with the strong probability of reduced packaging costs."