Recreational Vehicles

A Fast, Connected Supply Chain.

A Supply Chain to Meet Growing Demand. “Behind every recreational vehicle, there stands a chain of suppliers providing the parts and accessories that go into each unit (RVIA).” The recreational vehicle industry reached a 40-year high in 2016.

For these organizations, fast growth requires fast supply chains. Advancing supply chain performance and reducing cost are essential to a winning business strategy.

Through solutions like network optimization and managed transportation, LeanCor helps recreational vehicle companies improve critical inputs like supplier performance and material flow in order to meet this growing customer demand.

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PFEP_Mahle_Case-Study.png“Today, our team talks about material in a different way. We’re working to keep non value-added functions away from the production employees," said Nelson. "We talk about defects every day and discuss the root causes and possible countermeasures. Hearing people speak about that terminology is rewarding."


- See more in the MM&D Case Study: "A Plan for Every Part"








  See Your Supply Chain as a Competitive Advantage

Since business decisions ultimately manifest in the supply chain, we help you see your supply chain as a feedback mechanism - an abundance of critical information needed to improve business performance, increase customer value, and eliminate waste. Solutions include:

• End-to-End Supply Chain Advancement ™
• Lean Transformations (Enterprise-Wide and Functional Areas)
• People Development: Training and Education
• Performance/Cost Assessments
• Inbound/Outbound Transportation Optimization

• Outsourced Transportation Management +™
• Inventory Flow and Right-Sizing
• Network Strategy and Design
• Distribution Center Design, Operations Improvement



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Download a PDF with LeanCor's Recreational Vehicles Solutions