Private Equity

Today’s retailers are facing a fundamental shift in consumer expectations
for speed and convenience. The rapid emergence of Amazon has set
a new industry standard for pricing, assortment, and service.

Amidst these challenges, retailers must build seamless supply chains capable of being agile and integrated in this new omni-channel world.

For these organizations, advancing supply chain performance and
reducing cost are essential to a winning business strategy.

 Through solutions like improved inventory planning, vendor collaboration, network optimization, and managed transportation, LeanCor’s retail clients are meeting their business challenges head-on. They’re reducing costs, increasing margins, and improving customer service levels for sustainable business growth.


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How We Help in Private Equity: Case Studies

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CEO Supply Chain Diagnostic

The client’s supply chain was in exponential growth-mode as a result of a major acquisition and increased demand. With added complexity in merging two companies, leaders were unable to stay in touch with the day to day operations and lost visibility to efficiently executing the basics. The project resulted in:

  • $2Million reduction in inventory carrying costs
  • $1Million reduction in transportation costs
  • Improved customer on-time delivery



Manufacturing Throughput Capacity Assessment

A large plastic container and closure manufacturer with production sites across North America was challenged by its board of directors to find opportunties for increasing sales with minimal investment. Servicing the customer was the highest priority for the company, however its overall manufacturing network lacked an enterprise-wide sales and operations planning (S&OP) and execution strategy. This resulted in: 

  • $34M in additional annual revenue capacity
  • $4M Cost savings
  • Gap Analysis and Recommended Closure Plan
  • Implementation Road Map


Working Capital Reduction Assessment

The client, a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing and air transportation industries, was challenged with low on-time delivery and profit margins, imbalanced working capital, misaligned lead times, and poor inventory management. The project resulted in:

  • $2.3 Million in working capital reduction opportunities
  • $823,700 Site One Opportunity
  • $1.5 Million Site Two Opportunity




Services For Private Equity Firms

We have helped private equity firms make strategic investment decisions, improve portfolio company performance and increase realized value. Services include:

• Supply chain due diligence assessments
• Post-acquisition supply chain optimization
• Ongoing supply chain best practices and improvements



 Typical Client Results





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