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A Fast, Connected Supply Chain.

“The path to success runs right through someone else’s market share, and 2017 will see this activity intensify as both retailers and manufacturers jockey to gain that share (Furniture Today).”

Furniture companies are now faced with complex and disruptive supply chain problems: seasonality and demand fluctuations, fierce competition, SKU proliferation, crowded ports, and multi-channel trend impacts to distribution.

Through improved inventory planning, material and supplier management, network design, and managed transportation, LeanCor furniture clients are meeting these challenges head-on and delivering maximum customer value at the lowest total cost.

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"From trans-oceanic freight to truck driver shortages, from deteriorating domestic infrastructure to last mile headaches, the furniture industry faces supply chain bottlenecks that create a disconnect between manufacturer and retailer abilities and consumer expectations." - Furniture Today Magazine

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How We Help Furniture: Case Studies

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Global Supply Chain Visibility

International sourcing in the retail furniture business is required for many different items due to product availability and the nature of the manufacturing landscape in the industry. As firms move farther away from their supply base, lead times increase and visibility inherently decreases as well. 

SAVINGS WITH LEANCOR: $600,000+ in 12 months. International lead time reduced from 119 to 89 days in 9 months.


Transforming the Furniture Supply Chain into Competitive Advantage

LeanCor partners with retail furniture companies
of all shapes and sizes – These companies all
have one thing in common: they’re outperforming
competitors by embracing lean and operational
excellence to maximize customer value.

SAVINGS WITH LEANCOR: Reduced Total Logistics Cost by $4M; Reduced Sale-to-Delivery Lead Time
by 20%; Reduced On-Hand Inventory by 40%; Reduced Obsolete Inventory by 28%


Distribution Network Design

LeanCor's supply chain engineers helped a furniture retailer integrate lean logistics into its supply chain in order to increase order velocity, reduce inventory, and reduce total logistics cost. 

SAVINGS WITH LEANCOR: 53% reduction in on-hand inventory; $500K total logistics cost savings




See Your Supply Chain as a Competitive Advantage

Since business decisions ultimately manifest in the supply chain, we help you see your supply chain as a feedback mechanism - an abundance of critical information needed to improve business performance, increase customer value, and eliminate waste. Solutions include:

  • End-to-End Supply Chain Advancement™
  • Lean Transformations (Enterprise-Wide and Functional Areas)
  • People Development - Training and Education
  • Performance/Cost Assessments
  • Inbound/Outbound Transportation Optimization
  • Outsourced Transportation Management +™
  • Inventory Flow and Right-Sizing
  • Network Strategy and Design
  • Distribution Center Design, Operations Improvement



 Typical Client Results





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Download a PDF with LeanCor's Furniture Solutions