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Optimize your materials, inventory, planning, and production - from farm to fork.

Food and beverage is an industry where ingredients can significantly limit shelf life of products. This, in turn, complicates the management and forecasting for production and distribution. With improved network design and methods to manage warehouses, production facilities, and finished goods inventory, LeanCor helps food and beverage companies optimize materials, inventory, planning, and production. These companies are better positioned to drive superior quality and customer service levels.

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Banking on Bacon: Using Data Analytics to Expand Warehouse Space, Improve Workflow

"We knew we definitely needed a better footprint for the warehouse, so we were looking for an expert that focuses on efficiency and flow and could help us be smart about how we add on here." -Sheena Russell, Cloverdale Director of Logistics and Customer Service

LeanCor worked alongside Cloverdale Foods to prepare for years of business growth ahead -- presenting conventional, automated, and off-site warehouse layout solutions.

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How We Improve Food & Beverage Supply Chains: Case Studies

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Supply Chain Optimization

Distributing food products through three brand divisions had created a complex end-to-end supply chain network for a food and beverage manufacturer. As an organization committed to a culture of employee safety, continuous improvement and customer value, it was evident the client needed to optimize its network in order to achieve these goals. Faced with a large amount of waste in moving products and information, the client recognized many areas for improvement within its supply chain.

RESULTS: $475K inventory reduction; 8,683 miles/week reduction from manufacturing to DCS; 20% increased delivery coverage (99%)


$2.3 Working Capital Reduction Assessment

The client, a global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing and air transportation industries, was challenged with low on-time delivery and profit margins, imbalanced working capital, misaligned lead times, and poor inventory management.

As the market dictated lower lead times than the client was capable of meeting, it struggled to adapt like its competitors that were building stock units.

RESULTS: $2.3M in working capital reduction opportunities; $823,700 site one opportunity; $1.5M site two opportunity


Total Cost Model

A leading food manufacturer partnered with LeanCor to define the supply chain implications of moving to a flexible, regional production effort with the following goals: 1) Align production strategy with regional sales. 2) Understand steps to achieve the future state. 3) Engage team members to implement future state. 4) Change the culture, shift mental models, and align staff.

RESULTS: With this Total Delivered Cost Model of the supply chain, the client could define the value proposition of lean principles in supply chain according to its make-to-order vision.




See Your Food and Beverage Supply Chain as a Competitive Advantage

Since business decisions ultimately manifest in the supply chain, we help you see your supply chain as a feedback mechanism - an abundance of critical information needed to improve business performance, increase customer value, and eliminate waste. Solutions include:

• End-to-End Supply Chain Advancement ™
• Lean Transformations (Enterprise-Wide and Functional Areas)
• People Development: Training and Education
• Performance/Cost Assessments
• Raw Materials Management
• Finished Goods Inventory Right Sizing

• Outbound Transportation Optimization
• Outsourced Transportation Management +™
• Inventory Flow and Right-Sizing
• Network Strategy and Design
• Distribution Center Design, Operations Improvement



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Download a PDF with LeanCor's Food & Beverage Solutions