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A Fast, Connected Supply Chain.

Steering the High-Performance Supply Chain
With steady growth in U.S. production, the automotive supply chain is complex. Improved planning, analytics, visibility, and continuous improvement are critical for manufacturers and OEMs.

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are continuously working on improving their reaction times to meet customer demands. This requires an agile and streamlined supply chain based on velocity and reduced inventory levels.

LeanCor partners with automotive manufacturers and suppliers to focus on these strategies – while driving competitive results in cost, quality, safety, speed, and delivery.

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PFEP_Mahle_Case-Study.png“ 'Today, our team talks about material in a different way. We’re working to keep nonvalue added functions away from the production employees,' said Nelson. 'We talk about defects every day and discuss the root causes and possible countermeasures. Hearing people speak about that terminology is rewarding.' "


- See more in the MM&D Case Study: "A Plan for Every Part"



How We Help Automotive: Case Studies

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Core Returns Network Redesign

An industry-leading automotive manufacturer had focused on optimizing its aftermarket supply chain operations. After completing an internal assessment of its core return processes, the client uncovered significant capacity in the existing outbound distribution network. LeanCor was hired to evaluate this opportunity and recommend a future-state network for returning the cores to the supplier for remanufacturing.

SAVINGS WITH LEANCOR: $1.1M in purchased transportation cost savings in the first year; 12% transportation cost savings from current costs; 10.6 to 4.6 day lead-time reduction (57%); $100 reduction in detention costs per year


Automotive Success Story

Logistics Excellence Through PFEP & People Development: The client, a leading supplier and development partner to the automotive industry, needed to increase its competitive advantage by deploying a logistics excellence program across four global manufacturing plants.

SAVINGS WITH LEANCOR: Reduced raw material inventory by $500K just by examining their top 45 parts - or 90% of their requirements at one point.


A Plan For Every Part

How one automotive supplier is changing the game in material flow: They started out looking for ways to reduce forklift traffic in an attempt to streamline operations, but they ended up with a comprehensive inventory control plan that has seen huge reductions in overtime, improved labour productivity and a massive drop in expenses.

SAVINGS WITH LEANCOR: The team has seen an estimated annual savings of $365,000 thus far. Labour efficiency has increased by 17 percent. Overtime has been cut in half.

“Once we completed the pilots, we knew it was a game changer for everyone,” Clark said. We’re seeing dramatic results.”




See Your Supply Chain as a Competitive Advantage

Since business decisions ultimately manifest in the supply chain, we help you see your supply chain as a feedback mechanism - an abundance of critical information needed to improve business performance, increase customer value, and eliminate waste. Solutions include:

• End-to-End Supply Chain Advancement ™
• Lean Transformations (Enterprise-Wide and Functional Areas)
• People Development: Training and Education
• Performance/Cost Assessments
• Outbound Transportation Optimization
  • Material Flow and Right-Sizing
  • Network Strategy and Design
  • Distribution Center Design, Operations Improvement
  • Outsourced Transportation Management +™



 Typical Client Results




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Download a PDF with LeanCor's Automotive Solutions