"We know our supply chain is struggling, but we don't know why or how to fix it."

"How do we compare to other companies?"

"How do we know we're doing the right things?"

These are concerns we hear on a regular basis from clients. Your end-to-end supply chain provides a critical feedback loop to combat challenges, but channeling that feedback into implementable solutions is no easy task.

LeanCor's end-to-end supply chain assessments provide a current state analysis and future state vision of your supply chain to deliver increased shareholder value through increased operating margins, revenues, and capital efficiency.

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One third of the supply chain executives we surveyed don't have a supply chain vision.

In an end-to-end (E2E) supply chain assessment, we take a holistic perspective of your current state by deep-diving into key supply chain functional areas and all associated processes, resulting in a visual future-state road map of prioritized strategic and tactical improvement activities.

You receive: 

  • Benchmark assessment of your current supply chain against LeanCor’s Maturity Model Self-Assessment
  • Future state supply chain vision 
  • Practical recommendations
  • Prioritized opportunity timeline
  • Budget impact and other considerations

E2E Functional Area Deep Dives

Supply chain functional decisions should be made only after considering the effects on the entire supply chain’s effectiveness. During the functional area deep dives, LeanCor executive consultants conduct group interviews and process observations within key supply chain functions while supply chain engineers analyze data from your orders, inventory, and logistics. We then work with your teams to collaboratively identify opportunities that are tied to bench-marked, measurable targets.




E2E Supply Chain Vision: Picture Your Future State

After the functional area deep dives, we provide you with a road-map style vision to close the gap between your current state and desired future state with clear recommendations for implementation.

Upon agreement from all stakeholders, we'll help you manage the execution of this vision with LeanCor on-site resources or third party providers.


Best Practice Sharing with the Supply Chain Industry at CSCMP's EDGE Conference

We presented our work on "Connecting the Global Supply Chain: An Integrated Perspective for Operational Excellence" with Scot Davis, Director of Corporate Planning at Shaw Industries.

Read the Case Study

Creating a Perfect Order

"The 10 Rights"

From the project kickoff to the final assessment report-out presentation, LeanCor is relentlessly focused on identifying and delivering results in the following areas:

End-to-End Supply Chain Assessment Case Studies

Success stories with our clients

End-to-End SC Optimization Case Study Graphic

End-to-End Supply Chain Assessment (Food & Beverage)

Distributing food products through three brand divisions had created a complex end-to-end supply chain network for a food and beverage manufacturer. Faced with a large amount of waste in moving products and information, the client recognized many areas for improvement within its supply chain.

Read the story (PDF)

End-to-End SC Assessment-SHAW (3)

End-to-End Supply Chain Design (Consumer Flooring)

A carpet manufacturer’s hard surface flooring business had a rapidly growing, global supply chain. Consequently, the client recognized a need to improve business processes in order to address extended lead times, product variability complexity, decision making alignment and increased pressure on customer driven requirements.

Read the story (PDF)

End-to-End SC Assess and Deploy

End-to-End Supply Chain Assessment, Design, and Deployment (Consumer Eyeware)

A leading eyeglass lens manufacturer with global operations, was challenged with a complex, fragmented, and expensive distribution network. With looming market pressure for shorter lead times and rising competition, the client partnered with LeanCor Consulting to redesign its supply chain into a best-in-class, lean model. 

Read the story (PDF)

Solution Packages - Levels of Engagement

We've learned that every client is at a different place on the maturity scale with its supply chain. Some are lacking visibility or flow. Others have untapped network efficiency.

Wherever your organization may be, our strategic engagement model is directional and allows us to customize an approach to fit your unique needs.


  • E2E process improvement
  • Functional area workshops
  • Functional area analytics

14-16 Weeks

Analytics Focused


  • E2E process improvement
  • Functional area workshops

10-12 Weeks

Functions Focused


E2E process improvement 

6-8 Weeks

Process Focused

Why We're Different...


We gather and understand voice of customer to maintain strategic alignment and deliver strategic opportunities that will drive results.



Our recommendations come from experienced supply chain operators within our integrated divisions designed to teach, consult, and execute the lean supply chain. 


Rooted in lean principles and advanced supply chain problem solving, our methodology has been validated to deliver recommendations in excess of 10 times the typical investment.

Quick Wins

We execute immediate improvement strategies to create short-term stability.


"No Great Unveilings"

We practice disciplined, collaborative, and formal tollgate management to ensure client ownership of report-outs.



From project kick-off to final delivery of assessment findings, LeanCor is relentlessly focused on identifying and delivering results.

Bottom line, this change is because your team is hardworking, honest, personable, practical, willing to teach, willing to listen, and truly has our company's best interest at heart!