The End-to-End Supply Chain Assessment


Businesses all over the world are returning to a more customer-centric business model in this age of higher speed. And when your supply chain is focused on the end customer, you need a comprehensive end-to-end strategy with complete visibility.

LeanCor Consulting's assessments deliver that strategy and visibility by identifying improvement areas within the core processes of your end-to-end supply chain – or as we like to think of it, the "engine of business performance."  At LeanCor, we call this new methodology Supply Chain Advancement (SCA). 

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What Do We Mean By the End-to-End Supply Chain?

LeanCor defines the end-to-end supply chain as the total system created when we connect all supply chain and logistics processes; starting at the customer and working upstream through manufacturing and into our supplier base.


We can help you see your total system its current state, envision an ideal future state, and work alongisde your team to create an actionable road map towards your best business results. 




We Use a Principle-Based Approach.

By analyzing the supply chain functions using SCA operating principles as our “lens,” LeanCor uncovers actionable opportunities to create speed and flow, and reduce operating costs and inventory. LeanCor maps a stable SKU from the customer to the supply base in order to understand current performance and waste reduction opportunities.

Ultimately, these solutions allow clients to serve their customers on time and in-full, ultimately generating higher revenue and profit margins.




SCA operating principles strive to help clients achieve the Ten Rights, or the right:

  1.  Products
  2. Customers
  3. Quantities
  4. Quality
  5. Times
  6. Sources
  7. Prices
  8. Total Cost
  9. Services
  10. Required Complexity (Effort)





We Measure Key Results Indicators (KRIs):






Typical Client Engagement Framework:





Real Companies Achieving Advanced Supply Chain Performance

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End-to-End_Supply_Chain_Value_Stream_Mapping.png B2B_Industrial_Supply.png End-to-End_Supply_Chain_Optimization.png  

End-to-End Supply Chain Value Stream Mapping

Reduced Inventory and Total Cost | Increased Flexibility

INDUSTRY: Healthcare

 CEO Supply Chain Diagnostic

$2M Reduction in Inventory Carrying Costs

INDUSTRY: B2B Industrial Supply

 End-to-End Supply Chain Optimization

$475K Inventory Reduction

INDUSTRY: Food and Beverage





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