On-Demand Webinar: When Business Plans and Short-Term Results Collide

Webinar_When_Business_Plans_and_Short_Term_Results_Collide.jpgIn a recent survey we sent to business leaders, 74% of respondents said they follow a long-term business vision but are tied to short term results. This is often due to the complexity of functional silos that can create internal inconsistencies and ultimately pass mistakes onto customers if left unmanaged. 

In this 1-hour webinar, learn the business methodology that drives improvements in all parts of a business by focusing on supply chain-centric decision making, performance, and maturity. We'll explore the management systems that enable functional areas to align and collaborate to deliver measurable business results. 

We will cover: 

  • Managing Functional Complexities 
  • Business Plans and PDCA 
  • Case Studies: Internal and External Leadership Factors 
  • Decision Making: When to Stay the Course, and When to Manage the Change 

Who is this for?

C-Suite Leaders, VPs, and Directors driving organizational change to increase customer value 

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